WordPress Amazon插件:Amazon Product In a Post Search Shortcode

WordPress Amazon插件:Amazon Product In a Post Search Shortcode

[amazon-product-search] Shortcode

Usage in the most basic form is the Shortcode and the keywords written as follows:
[amazon-product-search keywords="Deadpool Mask"]

There are additional parameters that can be added if you need to refine your search. They are listed below with a description of each:

  • keywords — this is keywords to use for the search — required.
  • search_title — using 1 will turn the keyword search into a title only search (more narrow search) — default is 0.
  • fields — the product fields to show for this product, comma separated. Default fields are: image,title,button
  • search_index — the search index to use for the Amazon Search — default is ‘All’. Some options are: All,Blended,DVD,Wireless,Toys,Electronics,Books.
    NOTES: — When performing a title search, the search_index cannot be ‘All’ or ‘Blended’.
  • condition — The condition of the products to display — default is ‘New’. Available options: New | Used | Collectible | Refurbished | All
  • sort — the sorting column to use for returned products — default is ‘titlerank’.
  • item_count — the number of products to display — default is 10 which is also the maximum.
  • item_page — the page of products in the search result to return — default is 1 (first page of results). Max page is 5 for ‘All’ or ‘Blended’ search index or 10 for everything else.
  • browse_node — use this to refine your search. Cannot be used when `search_index` is ‘All’ or ‘Blended’ — default is none.
  • page — alias for item_page.
  • template — used mostly for Gutenberg Block Layout. Default is ‘default’. Other option: grid
  • msg_instock — the in stock message can be overridden here — default is In Stock
  • msg_outofstock — the out of stock message can be overridden here — default is Out of Stock
  • button — this is for the new HTML Buttons. can be any valid registered HTML Button — default is blank. Available core pluign buttons can be seen here.
  • use_cartURL — using ‘true’ will use the Cart URL link and ‘false’ will use the product page link — default is ‘false’ (product page link).
  • title_charlen — using a number greater than 0 will trim the title to that number of characters. Anything above 150 will show full title. default is 0 (show full title).
  • single_only — using 1 shows the product on a Single page/post only (not on archive or blogroll) and 0 shows it on single or list pages/posts — default is 0 (product will be shown on single or list pages).
  • image_count — this is the number of images to show for the Gallery. Only used when the gallery parameter flag is set to 1 — default is -1 (show all). Other options are 1 to 10 – anything over 10 shows all.
  • is_block — this is a special parameter to tell if this is a Block element or a shortcode element. Used internally only. — default is 0 (0 for shortcode or 1 for block).
  • className — this is for the Gutenberg additional className attribute. You could also use it to pass an additional class name to the product wrapper. Comma or space seperate multiple class names.
  • target — the target name when open in a new window setting is active — default is _blank
  • button_url — use this to set an image button. Add the full URL for the button — default is blank.
  • container — the HTML container wrapper element — default is divDo not use < or >.
  • container_class — the class name for the outer wapper — default is amazon-element-wrapper.
  • labels — the labels to use for selected fields. Use ‘:’ to sepatate field and label values.
  • locale — this is the Amazon locale you want to get the product from, i.e., com, co.uk, fr, etc. default is your plugin setting.
  • partner_id — allows you to add a different parent ID if different for other locale — default is ID in settings.
  • private_key — allows you to add different private key for locale if different — default is private key in settings.
  • public_key — allows you to add a different private key for locale if different — default is public key in settings.

Examples of it’s usage:

  • Title Search with red Buy From button:
    [amazon-product-search keywords="Deadpool Mask" title_search="1" button="buy-from-red-rounded"]
  • Keyword Search with Grid Layout, blue Buy From button and price:
    [amazon-product-search keywords="Deadpool Mask" template="grid" fields="image,title,price,button" button="buy-from-blue-rounded"]

Available Fields for the shortcode:

Common Items

These are generally common in all products (if available)

  • title – Product Title.
  • desc or description – Product Description.
  • price or new-price or new price – Product Price.
  • price+list – Shows both the Product list price and sale price.
  • image – Product Image (Medium Image).
  • sm-image – Product Small Image.
  • med-image – Product Medium Image.
  • lg-image – Product Large Image.
  • full-image – Product Full Image.
  • large-image-link – Large Image Link (shows “See Larger Image” link).
  • link – Product Page Link (shows full link in anchor tag).
  • AddlImages or gallery or imagesets – Product Additional Images.
  • features – Product Featured Items Text.
  • ListPrice or list – Product Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (SRP).
  • new-button – No Longer Used.
  • button – Displays default Image button or HTML button if a button templte was passed as a shortcode parameter.
  • customerreviews – Product Customer Reviews (shown in an iframe only). Not ideal for Grid layout.

There are other fields available – bascially any field returned in the API can be used. For a more complete list, see amazon-elements shortcode page.

  • LowestNewPrice
  • LowestUsedPrice
  • LowestRefurbishedPrice
  • LowestCollectiblePrice
  • MoreOffersUrl
  • NewAmazonPricing
  • TotalCollectible
  • TotalNew
  • TotalOffers
  • TotalRefurbished
  • TotalUsed