Amazon Product Advertising API (PA API)

What is the Product Advertising API (PA API) ?
The Product Advertising API (PA API) provides programmatic access for users to search and get detailed product information. Users can get detailed information about products such as product title, description, image urls, prices, similar products, prime eligibility, offers and many other details that can be used to monetize their websites by giving recommendations and promoting the products.
Things to know before you start
Is the Amazon PA API right tool for me?
Product Advertising API is intended to get programmatic access to retrieve and process Amazon product information for hundreds of products programmatically.

Is there an alternative to PA API to build links?
Yes, if you do not need programmatic access to Amazon’s products, you can use SiteStripe to build links from that can be used to monetize your website.

Do I need programming skills to use PA API?
Yes, you are required to have programming skills to use PA API.

How do I get access to PA API?
In order to qualify for requesting access to PA API, you will need an associate account, you will have to complete 3 qualifying sales in the first 180 days and you will have to comply with the Operating Agreement. Once your account is approved as an associate account, you will see a ‘Request for PA API access’ button below. You can click the button to get access to PA API.
Manage Your Credentials
Click on the ‘Manage Credentials’ button below to access information required to query the Product Advertising API. If you’d like to decouple your credentials from Amazon Web Services in order to manage them through Associates Central, click on the ‘Migrate’ button. Please note that you will receive a new set of credentials if you elect to migrate and your old credentials will cease to function.


Product images and data (e.g. pricing) will be fetched via the official Product Advertising API. In order to use the API, you need to create some credentials.

Please be aware that you can use your credentials on multiple sites.

Create Credentials

Your credentials can be created directly in your Amazon Associates account.

In case you’re using another local Associates program, your url might be different.

In case you don’t have credentials yet, please click on the button “Add Credentials”.

If you can not create credentials here, your Associates account does not yet meet all requirements. Recently, new affiliates must have generated at least 3 sales before gaining access to the API.

Download Credentials

After your credentials were generated, you can view and download them.

Please be aware that you can not view your credentials later again. That’s why you should download and save them to a secure place on your computer.

Manage Credentials

All previously credentials will be shown in your Amazon Associates account.

Existing credentials may be deleted, but your secrets cannot be seen again.

In case you don’t know your credentials anymore, please create new one (note that there’s a maximum limit of 2 active pairs of credentials).