Amazon Us Api更改通知

Efficiency Guidelines
If your application is trying to submit requests that exceed the maximum request for your account, you may receive error messages from Product Advertising API. The request limit for each account is calculated based on revenue performance. Each account used to access the Product Advertising API is allowed an initial usage limit of 1 request per second. That limit will be reduced by 8640 requests per day for every trailing 30-day period during which your account has driven no revenue, to a lowest rate of 0.1 TPS (8640 requests per day). The limit will be restored to the initial usage limit after your account has driven revenue (generally within 24 hours). Your account will receive an additional 1 request per second (up to a maximum of 10) for every $4,600 of shipped item revenue driven in a trailing 30-day period (about $0.11 per minute). You can verify that your sales are being attributed to your calls to the Product Advertising API by checking for the following:
You are using the links provided by the API when linking back to Amazon.
Your Associate account and Product Advertising API account were created using the same Amazon account (i.e. email address).
You are passing your Associate tag in all your requests to the API.