Monthly report for Associate ID xxxxxxx-20 – August 2018

Dear Amazon Associate,

We have just sent payments to eligible Associates for the advertising fees earned in the program during the month of August 2018. These payments also include any credit balance carried forward from previous months. You can find your payment amount and more information on your payments in Associates Central under Account Settings > View your payment history at

If your billing address is in the U.S. and you have selected to receive payment by check, we deduct a $15 processing fee from each check we send. (This charge does not apply to Associates with non-U.S. billing addresses, as direct deposit is not available to them.) There is no processing fee for payment by direct deposit or Amazon gift card. To change your payment method, just visit the Payment Options section of Associates Central at

If you have chosen to be paid by direct deposit, please be aware that it can take up to five business days for transferred funds to reach your bank. If your bank account has not been credited after five days, we ask that you first confirm the account and routing numbers associated with your Associates account with a representative of your bank.


1. When comparing your Payment History information in Associates Central, please also refer to the Earnings Reports, since they list the items actually paid for and shipped to customers during the month. Remember that fees are paid two months after the month during which an order is paid for by and shipped to the customer, not the month during which an order is placed.

2. To view the complete advertising fee schedule, please see Help at

3. Please check the Payment History information in Associates Central for information on any adjustments to your account. For example, if an adjustment was made for personal orders you will be able to see the amount of the adjustment

We appreciate your feedback. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us anytime at

Thanks again for participating in the Amazon Associates Program, and have a great next month.

The Associates Program