get along with是什么意思_英语用法_例句

Get along with”       进展,和…相处

Get along with是一个短语,通常用来描述人与人之间的相处关系。它的意思是和某人相处得好,有良好的关系或友好的互动。这个短语强调合作、融洽和和睦。


  1. I get along well with my colleagues at work. (我和同事在工作中相处得很好。)
  2. Even though they have different opinions, they manage to get along with each other. (尽管他们有不同的观点,他们还是设法和睦相处。)
  3. It’s important to find a roommate you can get along with in college. (在大学里找到一个你能和睦相处的室友很重要。)
  4. She gets along with her neighbors and often helps them with various tasks. (她和邻居相处得很好,经常帮助他们做各种事情。)
  5. I hope my new puppy will get along with my older dog. (我希望我的新小狗能和我的老狗相处融洽。)