Please note that due to Chinese government restrictions international AliPay payment processing can be slower compared to other payment methods.

If you did a payment please wait 24 hours for the order to complete. During this 24 hours your order can:

1) Automatically refunded, which you can confirm in your AliPay account directly. In this case please try the payment again preferably with Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard payment method).

2) Refund was not issued, nor the order is complete in your NameSilo account:

In this case please fill our webform at:

Please add your details and at comment field type:

Thank you and sorry for the trouble!

We are working with AliPay to resolve this issue. Hopefully in couple of weeks we can also allow WeChat Pay.

NameSilo Support

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Comment: I bought the domain and used alipay to pay. The money has been paid, but the domain has not been given to me.There is no this domain on my account.