look forward to 和 expect有什么区别

1、look forward to 含义是眼巴巴地前瞻将某事的发生,后跟名词或动名词作宾语,如:

  • They looking forward to graduation. 期待着毕业
  • We shall look forward to seeing himtomorrow.  我们期待着明天与他会面。
  • I look forward to hearing from you in thenear future.  我盼望着不久收到你的信.

2、expect  通常指有很大程度的把握期待某事的出现,后面跟名词或复合宾语(sb. + 宾补),如:

  • He wasn’t expecting our hospitality. 他没有指望我们会盛情款待。
  • You can’t expect me to approve of it. 你别指望我赞成。
  • We were expecting him home again any daynow.  我们期盼着他某一天再回家。
  • You can expect us for lunch. 你可以等我们一起吃午饭。

look forward to doing stn 期待做某事 渴望做某事 expect to do stn 期望